Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tepi..tepi !!! raya fever is coming through ! hahaha..what i plan to do during the raya break ?

On 15 sept i will going back to my lovely hometown ! sarawak ! haha.i miss my place so much because i have been away for almost a year from my family and also friend. Im sure that i we will have so much story to share when i back later. hmm..what will i do ?? First of all, i will hug my granny because she is the reason im still standing here, she is my queen of heart, she is my everything.THANK YOU GRANNY !
Having raya at village is more fun because we can feel the sense of raya there. The environment of "rumah kampung" make it more fascinating compare to town.Making lemang together in a group of different family make a bond that hard to describe by word except we feel it by ourself.
Im will make cookies and cake for this coming hari raya for my family and im sure that they will be grateful that i have learn something at campus.It will be meaningful if i can touch their heart because hari raya is the day we seek for forgiveness toward everybody.Raya song will be play all day long and it make more feeling toward hari raya.I will visited my other relatives at other village and hoping that i get duit raya ! haha..i know i have grow up,but i still want to get some duit raya.hehehe.
Everybody have different thing to do during hari raya,for me it will be my time to ask forgiveness toward people that i have been hurt before.Spend my time with my family will be more meaningful althought my parent always not coming for raya with us, i still have my grandfather and also my beloved grandmother.

Salam Hari Raya To All Muslim ! Maaf Zahir&Batin !

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